It’s not about technology, it’s about hope

It’s not about technology, it’s about hope

Whilst free Wi-Fi sounds like a technology story, it’s actually about opportunities. It’s about entrepreneurship and jobs, earning an income and being able to break free from the shackles of poverty.

In partnership with International and local companies, On A Cloud gives everyone the opportunity to get involved, to earn money and to grow a business. And it’s paid for by the business community. The business model is simple – businesses want to expand their offerings into all communities. The most effective way of reaching people is through technology. In this year, 2015, the amount of devices that connect to the internet has exceeded the entire population of the earth. The uptake of data has eclipsed the use of cell-phone technology in 2011. This is the era of being connected.

For this reason, O’Kleva has obtained one of only eight licenses in South Africa to distribute a European product offering free Wi-Fi services to communities, wherever they are. And, unlike “free” Wi-Fi offerings of municipalities and local government, where the data is still paid for by the municipality and worked into the municipal levies, this offering is truly free, as it is paid for by advertisers.

But not only that, the entrepreneur that deploys the device earns an income from the advertising presented to his “clients”. And there is no limit to their earning potential. The more “clients” they have, the more they earn.

Why not become involved and let’s create jobs.