Control your own data and line services – online

Control your own data and line services – online

dashboardHaven’t we all suffered endlessly waiting on call-centre operators, listening to canned music, whilst our customers shout at us because the Wi-Fi isn’t working?

Now we have an offering where you can control your own data services. You can reset your line, which typically solves the problem, or simply see if there is a line issue or not.

Dealing with Telkom is never easy. Waiting for an average of 20 – 30 minutes is not what your core business should be about. So, if you can use your mobile phone or tablet, log into our control panel and simply manage your own services, or log requests with On A Cloud, that would be quite nice, wouldn’t it.

Well, now it is possible. No more data headaches, or at least no more “not knowing what is going on”.

As always, we are there to make your life easier. And managing your own data is easy.

With On A Cloud.

On A Cloud now re-seller of data and lines

On A Cloud now re-seller of data and lines

resellerOn a Cloud is excited to announce that it is now a re-seller of both data and lines, and that it can manage your connectivity on your behalf.

This means that, if you have a Telkom line, On A Cloud can apply for your ADSL or Fibre connection, depending on where you are and availability of lines, and can also manage your line on your behalf.

You need to focus on your business. You don’t want to focus on data line or Wi-Fi issues. We take this worry away from you and offer you exceptional deals as well. Being a re-seller, we buy data at wholesale rates, and we pass the benefit through to you. What we are interested in is to advertise your business and to grow your business. That is actually our business.

We are aiming at becoming one of the most affordable data price providers around, and, as you can also earn money out of your Wi-Fi network, you can actually get your data for free.

All you need to do it join us.