On A Cloud launches its MicroFranchisee and Franchisee offerings

On A Cloud launches its MicroFranchisee and Franchisee offerings

Why would anyone consider to become a franchisee of On A Cloud?

Consider this: In the last quarter, South Africa has shed more than 340 000 jobs. If you are applying for a job, especially if you just enter the market, we propose that you buy a Lotto ticket. The chances of winning the Lotto is better than getting a job.

A franchisee is a person that owns a business. But the business is like a car. You get in, turn the key, and you can drive it. Providing you have had the training to drive a car. The point is, to drive a business, you need to be willing and you need to be keen. Like most of the youth we meet in urban and rural areas we work in. The youth we meet are tech savvy, intelligent and have the drive to make a business work. They simply need an opportunity.

Becoming a franchisee gives them this opportunity. It not only gives them the ability to quickly earn a meaningful income, but they can create more than 7 new jobs in the first year. They will have a running business in a year. A growing business that will, within a five year period, give them an income that will make most graduates jealous.

There are two levels of franchises:

A micro-franchise and a full franchise. The difference is what you pay for the franchise and what you earn.

The good news is that you can get someone to sponsor your franchise fee. We are partnering with the National Youth Development Agency to fund micro-franchisees, and with the Small Enterprise Finance Agency to fund full franchises.

Becoming a franchisee is simple: You apply, go through a selection process and if you are successful, you become a franchisee. The terms and conditions of NYDA and SEFA will apply.

Apply now! Apply here: http://onacloud.co.za/partnership-model/franchisee-application-form/

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