Youth unemployment should be tackled in the rural market

Youth unemployment should be tackled in the rural market

We have to ask ourselves: Why do so many people – more than 30 000 per month, according to Stats SA, go from rural South Africa to cities to seek employment? And when it comes to youth unemployment, the biggest single problem in our country, is that we are exposing a most vulnerable group to the vices of the sprawling urban minefield.

The first answer is always obvious – because there are no opportunities in rural areas, and there are jobs where people congregate – in urban areas. The other reason is that people simply cannot sustain themselves with agricultural activities. In recent years, there has been a tendency to subdivide farms, making production potential smaller and smaller, and, even if this has failed internationally, we still believe that we would “get it right”. In actual fact, it’s mostly about power, politics and ownership. There is simply no logical basis for some of the practices we embrace so eagerly.

This video shows what India is doing. Being a world leader in innovation that assists the poor, India tends to be a trend-setter when it comes to social entrepreneurship models. And this also addresses youth unemployment directly, as the jobs are typically first-job opportunities. Our focus on Wi-Fi entrepreneurs embrace the same philosophy – fighting youth unemployment in any way we can.

Have a look and see:


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