idea* ?

Digital Possibilities

In a post-COVID world, digital is accepted as the primary driver of the future. There are many possibilities. Unlocking them is what we do.

Digital Potential

Digitalisation delivers value, speed and reduces cost

Modelling Potential

Analysing and modelling takes time but saves more

Determine Possibility

Yes for potential, is it possible? Not all ideas are

Failing Faster

It is better to fail fast. More than 30% of projects fail

Demonstrate Capability

Deliver functionality quickly as an MVP

Play with it

By using an MVP, customers see value quickly

Model Sustainability

Packaging the digital idea to business sustainability

Business Agility

Become agile, as the quick are eating the slow

Successful Partnering

No-one can do it alone. But good partners can

Pivoting Businesses

Businesses can pivot their models digitally

Develop & Deliver

Out-of-the-box thinking produces new value

New Possibilities

Adapting and changing leads to more possibilities

On A Cloud has developed a process that starts with digital potential and ends with new offerings and capabilities through partnerships

Projects in the On A Cloud ecosystem model

FIT2fund Digital Platform

FIT2fund is a blockchain-based Financial Integrity Tracking digital platform. Through its application, Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Reporting is enabled. FIT2fund forms the architectural basis of all of the On A Cloud financial ecosystem components. The "currency of trust" is created - digitally.

Smokelog Digital Platform

Smokelog is a Diesel Smoke Emissions Platform that not only records particulate mass tests, but also develops Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Failure scenarios through the use of Machine Learning and AI. The result is cost saving as well as preventing catastrophic failure impact on mining production.

Legacy Digital Platform

Project Legacy presents an aggregation model for fair trade in the music, media and arts industries. Through its application, hope is created whilst a legacy library is established. Powered by the FIT2fund platform, rights are protected and income is assured to all contributors in a music production project.


FABafrika trading platform

FABafrika presents a trading platform where the fashion, crafts, designs and furniture of local communities can be accessed and procured. Running on the FIT2fund platform, fair trade and social justice is achieved. The focus is on social justice and sustainable financial inclusion of SMMEs.


Reframe your thinking

Digital transformation has happened. We are entering a world beyond COVID-19. What are you doing about it? More importantly - what have you done?


Converse, Collaborate, Co-create

Digital Transformation requires a blurring of boundaries, a total rethink of mindset. Only conversations will change mindsets. Enter the world of collaboration.


Create a new future

Creation is a journey of making connections, innovating and experimenting. It's a blank canvas. It's easy to say that "we will "pivot" our business model. So how exactly are you going to do that?

let's face it: the world is forever changed. this is called "opportunity". let's talk about it...