About us

On A Cloud develops organisations through facilitation, innovation and supporting systems.

History and Founder

Since 1992, Daniel Human has been in senior executive positions in businesses, mostly start-ups and fix-me-ups. In 2003 he was appointed to teach MBA’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Pretoria Graduate School of Management, now called GIBS. Daniel is passionate about small business, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and the development of people to become entrepreneurs. From 1999 to 2013, as co-founder of People Integrated, he developed 1769 people out of townships and into corporate South Africa. Today, these talented individuals are executives, managers and some are even working in senior positions in Europe and America. For the last eighteen years, Daniel has been actively involved in townships and informal settlements, assisting people to overcome the shackles of poverty.

During this time, Daniel has developed a bespoke business strategy toolset called Clarity that focuses businesses on blockages in their business processes within less than a day. The outcome of this process is then applied to innovation models that not only optimises the business processes, but also focus on leapfrog technologies that can get a business to the “next-s-curve” of their evolution faster and more cost effective.

The Future is here

  • On A Cloud is establishing a meaningful foothold in Industry 4.0 and IoT projects:
    • Through the development of a stratified legislative model, Government can now enforce vehicle emissions standards across a modern as well as an aging vehicle fleet.
    • Through big data analysis of emissions data, On A Cloud is establishing and patenting a predictive vehicle failure model algorithm.
    • Through advanced IoT technologies, On A Cloud is working on projects in:
      • The rail sector
      • The retail sector
      • The transport sector
      • The mining sector
      • The Telecom sector
      • The beverage sector
      • The ICT sector
      • The Small to Medium Enterprises sector
    • Through using a “platform model” innovation process, On A Cloud is establishing the strategy and operational model of an SMME development platform which will enable smaller business to comply effortlessly with the rigorous requirements of big business’ procurement processes.


Past projects that On A Cloud was involved with:

  • Through On A Cloud Wi-Fi, On A Cloud, in partnership with other local and international companies, is in the process of deploying free Wi-Fi hotspots that generates the revenues required to establish a rapidly growing network of 100% owned and managed enterprises. The businesses are sole proprietors, collectives and companies and are micro-franchises. (Digitisation of local marketing and advertising with a focus on informal market development.
  • Through “In the Lion’s Den”, On A Cloud developed a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) that gamified youth entrepreneurship development. At schools where there is no internet connectivity, On A Cloud Wi-Fi will deploy the necessary infrastructure to empower such schools. (Digitisation of Entrepreneurship development)
  • On A Cloud is also involved in LUHU (Let Us Help You), a mobile App that restores your life (or at least the contents of your wallet) and WineCollector (Digitisation of the wine industry)