AI and Blockchain

Next Generation, Now

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain offers capabilities that can change the world. We believe that it can be used to improve the world. We believe in benevolent technology.

NextGen Potential

Removing bias and creating trust = possible

4IR for good

Benevolent AI, transparency, and accountability

The future, now

Endless possibilities. Creating a new world

Failing Faster

It is better to fail fast. But know why

Demonstrate Capability

Deliver MVP functionality quickly

Test your case

By testing your use case quickly, learn

Model Sustainability

Packaging the digital idea to business sustainability

Business Agility

Become agile, as the quick are eating the slow

Successful Partnering

No-one can do it alone. But good partners can

Access the future

Embrace the future without losing the past

Develop & Deliver

Out-of-the-box thinking produces new value

New Possibilities

Adapting and changing leads to more possibilities

On A Cloud is focusing on the use of AI and Blockchain to create clarity, to promote transparency, to augment reality and to deliver accountability.

Our Technological Capabilities

Using best-of-breed development platforms, we make ideas become viable, and viability becomes valuable. We can move from idea to i-dough.

Easy Artificial Intelligence

Beyond Automation to learning and predicting

Robotic Process Automation

Optimise your business processes

Blockchain Development Platform

Using the non-repudiability of the blockchain

What we are developing

NextGen Care Platform

FIT2fund is a blockchain-based Financial Integrity Tracking digital platform. It aggregates the management of participants, the flow of care and funds, the crowdsourcing of support, and the automated reporting of impact and theory of change in a singular and immutable record model, whilst AI learns how to do more with the same resources.

NextGen Trading platform

FABafrika presents a next-generation trading platform where blockchain delivers the fair-trade and transparent reporting on the source of makers' products to guarantee their income. It offers a peer-to-peer link between a creator and supporting them directly, humanising e-commerce in a way that has not been done before. AI provides market trend guidance.

NextGen Health & Safety

Smokelog is a Diesel Smoke Emissions Platform that not only records particulate mass tests but also develops Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Failure scenarios through the use of Machine Learning and AI. The result is cost saving as well as preventing catastrophic failure impact on mining production. Mining health and safety meets profitability.

We believe that technology can be used to create change for the better. ask us why...