Building a pipeline in a virtual world

COVID-19 disrupted your business? Well, it's time you take control. As the world has suddenly moved to do business online, what can you do?

Suddenly your industry trade fairs have changed into virtual sessions. How do you do business and build prospects and leads in this new online reality?

"You don't close a sale, - you open a relationship if you want a long-term, successful enterprise."
richard branson
Sir Richard Branson
Founder: Virgin

Improve your probabilities of success

Choose the right road

To get to the destination you seek, it is a good idea to choose the best road. The problem is: With everything that has changed, what would the best road be? This sounds deceptively simple. It is YOUR journey that matters.

Systemic business made easy

We have the ability to assist you with a total integrated "business system" that integrates your sales and marketing into your KPIs and metrics. If you already have systems, we can integrate. If you don't, we can assist.

Integrated metrics

When you measure, you need to measure the right things. But then, you have to make sure that you can understand lead from lagging indicators, and the difference between correlation and causality.

Grow your customer base

Build your customer base

As they say, a short pencil is better than a long memory. We provide your e-business with a memory. When did people buy last? Who needs to hear from you right now? When did you last talk to your customer? What did you say again? Your customers ARE your business. We make it easy to keep your focus on them and to delight them.

Automation as a possibility

With Digital Transformation, you need to automate many things in your business. Do you know where to get the most bang for your buck?

Focused strategy, planned time

Whether you have a focused strategy to a global lead-generation model, your time and your effort need to align with your outcomes. If you don't have objectives, you will reach them every day.

It is possible

Generating more leads in a virtual world is doable. You don’t need to be “a creative” or master social media. You can be successful in any market. It is possible. It’s like art: You don’t need to be Picasso. This is “paint by numbers”. 

It is easier than you think

Easy does not mean it is not tricky. It’s like driving a car. The moment you master it, it seems so easy. But you still had to practice to get it right. The main reason why many do not start is not that it’s difficult. It’s because they BELIEVE it’s difficult.

Manage your B2B social media optimally

Social media is a way to sell your offerings to many new companies, locally and internationally – even while you are sleeping, right? Yes, and no. It is very powerful, but there are ways to do it that you have a better chance. Successful B2B sales are not “incidental”. It is a process. We assist you to find a recipe that works. 

Sales Pipeline, Sales Outcome

It is not easy, and no-one really has the answers at the moment. But we can assist you in finding them.