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Face Clues

The Face Clues methodology takes us down to the sound blocks that make up the foundation/beginning of language. In English, there are 51 distinct speech concrete sounds. There are however only 26 letters in the alphabet. This is why the traditional method of teaching basic English via the abstract alphabet, Read more…

Advanced Emissions Analytics

The issue with testing vehicle emissions is not the emissions themselves – it is the data and the management of the data collected. And to make sense of the data. Onacloud. in association with Disprotech SA is developing a cloud-based system that captures the data and then analyses the data. Through Read more…

On A Cloud Wi-Fi Advertising Channel

LUHU – Let us Help You


The Lion’s Den – Youth Entrepreneurship Development

The Lion’s Den has a simple mission: To develop young entrepreneurs in a practical and exciting way that allows them to access this world of possibilities. To give them the opportunity to not only conceptualise a business idea but to develop it under the direction and encouragement of mentors. To then Read more…

Digitalizing the wine market