About Clarity 4.0

The business world has changed. 

Many of the strategies that got you here are no longer valid. 

Digital disruption is forcing organisations to rethink not only the way they do things, but why they are doing them. 

Clarity 4.0 is a strategic facilitation model that allows you to see your strategy. Collectively. It gets you to assess your tactics. Visually. 

Clarity 4.0 creates a sense of strategy, whilst negating the impact of politics and power. 

Strategy in a digitally disrupted market

“It is no longer the big eating the small, it is the quick eating the slow”




The Workshop

4 hours.

No arguments. No politics.

Collaboration. Openness.

Review. Rating.

Measurement. Reporting.

Clarity 4.0 is not a session where a report is produced that sits on a shelf afterwards.

Clarity 4.0 is a session that leaves in the hearts and the minds of the participants. 

As far as strategy goes, it addresses “a sense of strategy” more than “a stated strategy”. The difference is in the result. 

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill