Using technology to assist human effort

In responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious to all that the sheer volume of data required to coordinate a humanitarian aid effort is simply overwhelming.
Using technology to assist is the only answer.

A singular platform to manage a total care ecosystem

To be able to coordinate a huge number of potential recipients, care givers, NPOs, NGOs and security and other community services are possible if a singular platform approach is used.

Open access to all parties

The most important focus of Community@FIT2fund is that the data and the platform is openly accessible to all parties involved. Everyone is working on the same objective, and, being governed by the POPI Act, a secure but open environment had been created that everyone can use.

NPOs, NGOs and Funders
Recipients listed
Care packages distributed


17 April 2020: On A Cloud launches the Community@FIT2fund Digital Platform.

Through this singular platform, potential recipients, care packages and the distribution and allocation of these can be managed.

24 April 2020: On A Cloud launches its Community@FIT2fund Digital Platform Online Academy.

In order to rapidly up-skill care workers, call-centre agents and partners, an online systems training academy was designed and launched.