It is easy to do e-commerce. But it is not simple.

"Don't assume it all works! Put yourself in your customers' shoes and do everything they will do. You will find it is not simple".
Gary Gebenlian on ecommerce
Gary Gebenlian
Co-founder of Butterfly
e-commerce has many forms

There are many upsides to an e-commerce business

Ecommerce easy, but not simple

There are many pros to e-commerce. But also many cons.

Depending on the sources you study, the e-commerce market is massive. And growing at an incredible rate. And this is the one business sector that was positively influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The advantages are as follows: 

  • Lower start-up costs than a traditional shop
    • This said it is still a cost. And if you don’t invest enough, don’t be surprised if the business does not take off
  • 24/7 open doors
    • the business is open at all times for all people, irrespective of when they prefer to shop. However, it may require more attention due to this. 
  • You can sell anywhere
    • obviously, depending on your product. If your product is controlled by governmental agencies, such as pharmaceuticals (even vitamins) or alcohol.
  • Low employment costs
    • Through models such as virtual assistants, you can pay for employees on an hourly basis or even on-demand. This makes your business resilient. 


How we make it easier. By doing the hard work...

Is there a right way, or at least a better way?

Being a business, there are strategic choices that need to be made and these choices will drive the success, growth, and prosperity of your business. 

The question is: Is there a better way to do things? Is there a recipe that will work for you

This is the crux of your online business. It needs to be focused on the opportunity that you identified, and all of the decisions need to support the strategic outcome that will work for you. 

Without a plan, you always succeed

We have all heard the odl agage: If you don’t have a destination, any road will lead you there. Having clarity of objective is critical to your business. But as important is clarity of cause and effect. What leads to what? How does it link to ultimate success? 

If you haven’t thought of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business, what will you measure? 

We do the heavy lifting

The good news is that we have the skills, the qualifications, and the collective wisdom to assist you in finding the best way. And quickly.

We have been in e-commerce for more than fifteen years now. We have learned the lessons the hard way, and have grown with the new trends, and have seen the patterns that work. 

And we would love to assist people just like you to be as successful as you can be. 

ecommerce can be made easier

Try and fail or start with a guide

Irrespective of all of the guidance that you can get online, and believe me when we say that there are lots, you can try what they say and fail and try again. 

There is no shame in this. It is well-researched that an entrepreneur only succeeds after multiple failures, and that on average, the seventh business model starts to work. 

But even by trying and failing, it is advantageous to have someone to give you perspective on where you failed, why you failed and what you perhaps did not know you did not know. 

It is a journey, and you need a companion

As we all know, a journey begins with the first step. 

In our case, the first step is to contact us. Perhaps we can help you. Perhaps your solution is at a much simpler level, and you simply need a little guidance to get there. Whatever the circumstances, the first step is to reach out and ask. 

Our journey, in short

 So how do we typically help people just like you? 

The process is quite straightforward. We listen. We reflect, we reframe your digital possibility into the potential digital reality. 

(Illustrative) Steps to success: 

  1. Evaluate your product and business idea
  2. score your idea against the clarity of objective, market trends, and barriers to entry
  3. Secure a good website name
  4. Develop an appropriate e-commerce ecosystem
    1. Shopify? Instagram Shop? Facebook shop? Magento? WooCommerce? Prestashop? So many to choose from…
  5. Register or augment a social media presence
  6. Develop an appropriate market entry and market growth strategy
  7. Develop the business system ecosystem
    1. E-commerce platform
    2. Financial (bookkeeping) platform
    3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform
    4. Payment gateway
  8. Link and integrate the components of the business system into a single user experience
  9. Give you access to our online learning academy to master all of the components that you require to start, grow, and prosper in your business
  10. Walk a road with you, coach you and guide you towards success  
  11. Sell, sell, sell
  12. Intelligently maximize your advertising and promotion bang-for-buck through digital marketing
  13. Grow your business