Skills 4.0

"Made-to-fit" IT skills development model


1999 - 2012

ICT and Managerial skills deployed

Founded in 1999, PI (π) addressed the IT skills shortage of Y2K by training and deploying young black skills into large businesses. Today, many of these exceptional youngsters are captains of industry.

2013 - present

Digital Transformation Skills

Since 2013, On A Cloud has been involved in Digital Transformation and skills for the new digital era. Many of the initiatives of On a Cloud focused on developing entrepreneurs and incubation of small businesses.

Is your future based on scarce skills? Is your strategy dependent on it?

Skills developed for you

To develop and deploy the right people with the right skills into your organisation is not a recruitment issue. It is a skills 4.0 issue. 

About the model

The developmental model includes workplace skills development, team development and technical skills development. 


Skills developed

scarce skills developed
Stayed for 24 months 99%
Stayed for 48 months 89%
People that failed to reach 24 months
Scarce ICT Skills 87%
Scarce Managerial Skills 52%

Why talk to us?

The way that recruitment and the attraction of the right people is done is no longer valid. As we are not following the rules, we succeed.

Our track record is undeniable. 

By addressing the issue from a different angle, we get different results.