it's about people

Why Transform?

It is impossible to achieve digital transformation without first addressing the digital mindset of people. People need a "why" to change.

Digital Potential

Digitalisation delivers value, speed and reduces cost

Modelling Potential

Analysing and modelling takes time but saves more

Determine Possibility

Yes for potential, is it possible? Not all ideas are

Failing Faster

It is better to fail fast. More than 30% of projects fail

Demonstrate Capability

Deliver functionality quickly as an MVP

Play with it

By using an MVP, customers see value quickly

Model Sustainability

Packaging the digital idea to business sustainability

Business Agility

Become agile, as the quick are eating the slow

Successful Partnering

No-one can do it alone. But good partners can

Pivoting Businesses

Businesses can pivot their models digitally

Develop & Deliver

Out-of-the-box thinking produces new value

New Possibilities

Adapting and changing leads to more possibilities

The reason why On A Cloud has developed processes and partnerships is simple: No-one has the answers. But collectively we can solve problems.

Why these projects have been developed in the On A Cloud ecosystem model

distributing food parcels

FIT2fund Digital Platform

The impact of fraud and corruption on business, societies and economies are the strongest at the bottom-of-the-pyramid level. Social Justice and being able to develop entrepreneurs, local economies and business ecosystems rests on the environment of trust. We have created an ecosystem of digital trust.

Smokelog Digital Platform

The impact of the standard post-fact emissions measurement methodologies are leading to the health and safety of miners being affected negatively. However, when the post-fact analysis has been done, the systemic correction leads to sections of a mine being shut down. This inefficient model is costly and reactive.

the rise of African fashion

FABafrika trading platform

The COVID pandemic has restructured many parts of the economic landscape. Whilst township creatives, designers and crafters had lost their direct markets, customers have migrated to shopping online more. FABafrika offers a platform to small creatives to access growing e-commerce market opportunities.


Reframe your thinking

Digital transformation has happened. We are entering a world beyond COVID-19. What are we doing about it? More importantly - what have you done?


Converse, Collaborate, Co-create

Digital Transformation requires a blurring of boundaries, a total rethink of mindset. Only conversations will change mindsets. Enter the world of collaboration.


Create a new future

Creation is a journey of making connections, innovating and experimenting. It's a blank canvas. It's easy to say that "we will "pivot" our business model. So why exactly would you do that?

let's face it: the world is forever changed. this is called "opportunity". let's talk about it...